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[26 Aug 2007|12:37pm]
I have a new journal, its


add me althou ive added quite a few of you already
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[03 Jun 2007|10:57am]
Oh my days!! Me and adam were just on Something for the Weekend! We got a shoutout from Tim Lovejoy

what a legend
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[26 Sep 2006|10:47am]
[ mood | awake ]

Does anyone want an o2 or Orange PAYG sim card? I got given them at Freshers fair and dont need them cos im on contract

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[29 Aug 2006|03:01pm]
[ mood | complacent ]


here is an ebay post im afraid as both me and Adam are skint

Home moro though and we ae off out with Becky and Joe for tea i think. Then drinkies in the Bluecoats!

Cant wait to catch up

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[06 Aug 2006|04:25pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i'm thinking of selling my motorola V3i cos i dont really like it

Would anyone be interested in buying it? Its a limited edition deep violet one and still has all the stuff with it i.e Memory card, data cable, hands free, software


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If this is life, i want my money back [18 Jul 2006|05:52pm]
[ mood | calm ]

stolen from rubydeer

- Post this in your journal, asking your friendslist (or whatever stranger that happens to wander by) to respond with whatever they know about you. It can be as matter of fact as 'Your name is Bridget, you're 25 and attending Harvard.' to the absolute useless 'One Thursday, you tried to hop down a flight of stairs and you fell on your face'. Tag five people. A week later, write an 'about me' post to fill in the gaps in your friends' knowledge.

Seen as I'm pretty open and honest on here most of you will know facts about me. I'm intrigued to know how much you do know and what i love and hate and stuff.

I tag whoever wants to do it!

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Selling and such [02 Jul 2006|02:59pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Things are muchly better today.

Yesterday Tamn text me to let me know she is moving her stuff out of her room on the 21st so from then on i have my own room. Yay! I think the plan is to help each other move. I have offered Tam a hand cos im not sure if her mum is still poorly or not yet. #

I cant wait. Double bed!! So now while adam is at work (and cos im working most days next week) im trying to cindense my stuff down into less boxes. Ive thrown loads of old papers etc out and tried my hardest to eBay some stuff to. Go lookie cos there are some old CD's on there


and we are adding new stuff all the time with low starting prices. Im gonna try sell my Ugg boots on there later i think, they just need cleaning up a bit and i STILL have old NME's and beanie babies if anyone is interested?

Ohh i have a franz ferdinand postcard signed by the band too and some nice libertines pictures/posters from the last years calender if anyone is interested? They will be put up later unless someone speaks up between now and then.

Anyways gotta dash i need to look for a driving instructor in York who has an automatic car.

Laters x

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[20 Jun 2006|11:16am]
[ mood | depressed ]

due to poorness i have to resort to ebay. Now i know some people on my friends list are big fans of Maximo Park, Franz and the Kaisers, so i am selling some signed stuff i got from festivals last year. Go bid PLEASE!!!

And May, whats happening with these magazines? Do you still want them cos i really coud do with the money if you do. Let me know asap


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For sale [05 Jun 2006|06:29pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Does anyone know anyone who

a) collects Beanie Babies
b) Wants to buy old NME's dating back to 2003

My other buyers have fallen thru so i have ones for sale

PS May do you still want these Q magazines?

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meme [04 Jun 2006|11:09pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Step 1: Post this into your LJ.
Step 2: Others will reply anonymously about what they really think of you.
Step 3: Cry, because this meme is so brutal, and it hurts.

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[09 May 2006|06:56pm]
who wanted the NME with Ricky from Kaisers and Dave Grohl??
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Sailing [08 May 2006|10:57pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

right all the mags i have for sale are now up under a cut in my last post :)

If they have been striked thru then they are sold.

If i have emailed you (you know who you are) get back to me ASAP

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For Sale... [08 May 2006|05:29pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Hi :)

Im selling all my old NME magazines dating back from the end of 2003 to pretty much now :) so if anyone wants anyones with specific bands on the cover, specific interviews or anything then either email me


or leave a message on here. They are all in good (sometimes perfect) condition, sopme even still have the posters and CDs with them and ill post them anywhere.

I need to get rid of them as I have no room to keep them at my new house that i have just moved into.

I also have a few Q magazines and some other fly/sandman magazines to if anyone wants them :)

here are the lists under the cut :) If you want any give the date of the magazine

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[04 May 2006|06:49pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Will anyone make me a new icon??

I need something new, ive had this one ages...

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[22 Apr 2006|11:57pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

i am bored

here are some quizes to do

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Question? [05 Apr 2006|07:28pm]
How do you get LJ to show up the location option?
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[01 Jan 2006|08:01pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Give me testimonials to put in my userinfo.
[For those not knowing what they are... say a bit about how you feel/what you think about me so I can put in my user info]

Jeez.... how bored am i without Adam?

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[31 Dec 2005|08:01pm]
Happy New Year all!!!

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[01 Dec 2005|11:49am]
[ mood | amused ]

as if im in the Kaisers DVD!!!! Talking and everything!

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[25 Nov 2005|08:49pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

woo my new job is amazing!!! and im off out to Fibbers with my boys!!!! PARTY!!

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